The following testimonials highlight the supreme quality of service provided by WeSolve IT Solutions. Our prowess in the field of managed IT services is unparalleled.


“My experience with WeSolve IT Solutions has been of the highest quality and the technicians assigned have been professional, trustworthy and well versed in their field. Their proactive communication skills are top-notch which assure you of an overall good experience.”

Tim Matthew, Executive Director, Non-Profit, Dubai


“Thanks to WeSolve IT solutions, our small business has never had to face any major problems in the IT department. Our client -company relationship has been extremely professional and we’ve found it very easy to get in touch with them as and when required. WeSolve’s supreme understanding of our business needs has helped us just as well as any in-house IT tech department and we could not ask for anything more.“

Victoria Griggs, Principal, Recruiting, Kenya


“Once I had an IT related problem all I had to do was place a call. From thereon, a WeSolve technician arrived, fixed my problem and left in no time at all. Efficient service of this quality is very hard to find these days and this has been the highlight of my week.”

Muhammad Ibrahim, Law officer


“We cannot thank WeSolve IT Solutions enough for finally helping us put our website together. Since April 2017, we had faced numerous problems with setting up our site but after hiring WeSolve, our experience changed drastically. The team was courteous, financially sound and worked closely with us throughout the process. The quick and efficient response is highly appreciated and I would definitely recommend their services.”

CMO, Shipping Company, Jebel Ali, UAE


“My experience with WeSolve IT Solutions has been truly one of a kind. The team was punctual, reasonably priced, professional and well-mannered throughout. I’m sure that my business has generated more revenue since working with WeSolve and I will definitely use their services again. “

General Manager, Sports Equipment Company, Abu Dhabi


“We’ve been associated with WeSolve IT Solutions for a long time (since 2011) and to date, we’ve only received the best of services. Their team helped us migrate onto a new internet supplier and even helped us to fix a virus ridden laptop at the workplace. WeSolve consultants are knowledgeable and provide a trustworthy brand of IT maintenance and support. Moreover, they also do a great job at suggesting changes to the structure and other aspects so as to optimize your work environment. They have proved to be an all rounded brand that can take care of any and all of your IT requirements.”

Jamal, Treenine Educational and Family Marketing, Dubai


“Since our company is spread out over four locations, we have required an extensive range of IT solutions since 2012. Thankfully, WeSolve has been with us along every step of this journey, giving us the best of ongoing IT maintenance and tech support. They can handle any spontaneous extra workload without any problems and have been a one stop shop for all our IT needs.”

Dilip Dwivedi, Hospitality

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